Batam Day 1

Today was the day where we travelled to Batam. We took a ferry at Harbourfront and arrived at Harris Resort at about 1.30 pm. After having our lunch, we were made to be the Game Masters for the Fox Hunting activity. 

I was extremely excited about being the Game Masters as it means I would get to hide the transmitters instead of trying to find them. I was made to be the mobile transmitter, the only person to that is carrying the transmitter as I was the fastest runner in my group, This role gave me a chance to admire the scenery of the resort as I take a walk through it. The picturesque view was breathtaking. 
Along the way, we encountered a problem. We did not look at the serial number for the transmitters and hence did not know which transmitters were missing. Fortunately, we correctly guessed which transmitter was missing and was able to find it before dinner. 

After dinner, we held a stargazing activity. Due to not having any tall buildings and bright lights around, we were able to view a sky full of stars. 

All in all, I felt that today was an enriching experience, being able to learn a lot about being on the field was very fruitful.


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