Lecture on the Sun and Sun Gazing

Today, we were given a presentation that covers the formation, classification and composition of the sun by the Sec 2s.

The lesson had many takeaways and was very informative and I had learnt a lot of new facts and trivia about the sun. Examples such as the Sun having 6 layers and sunspots, which are plasma held together by the Sun's magnetic field. This made me realize just how amazing the sun is.

After the lecture, we were given a chance to gaze at the Sun through a filtered telescope. I was extremely eager to view the Sun a second time, seeing how the last time I viewed it was 2 years ago.

The telescope was installed on a tripod and had a filter to prevent most of the Sun's harmful rays from hurting our eyes. However it coloured the Sun red and I was unable to make out much detail of the Sun.

This is what I saw through the lens:

Although the much detail of the Sun was not shown, I was still able to make out its shape its brightness was overwhelming. This is definitely somet…

Fox Hunting Training

Today our club held a training session for the fox hunting event that is going to be held a few weeks from now. I was sorted into the hunters group and had to find the fox with a receiver.

This is a picture of my group searching for the transmitter using the receiver.

Not soon after, we found out how difficult the game was. It had fragile equipment we had to take care of and the receiver was misleading. Jayden hid the transmitter in a place full of metal that caused the radio waves to bounce everywhere.

This activity taught me a lot about the how radio waves moved about in the school compound and how transmitters and receivers worked.
This training session had also taught me the value of patience as we had to wait a minute to receive new information from the transmitter.
Although the training did not went as expected, I was still enlightened about the new game called "Fox Hunting"

The first Day of Astronomy Club

Today Mr Tan talked about the plans for the future of the club, such as trips and games.
I felt a sense of nostalgia coming back to the Club after a holiday of 2 months. I felt I needed to brush up on my Astronomy knowledge to be better able to lead the new batch of Sec 1s through their academic journey. This made me more enthusiastic about the lessons moving forward.

NYP Poster Competition

For the NYP Poster Competition, Me, Jayden, Clyde, Ernest and Javier formed a team together.

The theme we chose for the competition was "Mars, the red planet".

This is a picture of the poster.
We had to present the poster to a panel of judges for approval.  This was my first competition i Astronomy where I had to present to a specialist. It was a really nerve wracking experience. From the time it took to prepare the presentation to the presentation itself, I would never forget the excited feeling I had at the time. 
Through this competition, I had learnt presentation skills and how to work well under pressure. 

Last Day of Astro 2017

On our last day of Astronomy on Friday, we had lessons as usual from 2.30pm to 4.30pm and we had a Stargazing session that lasted from 6.30pm to 9.00pm.
During the session, we were able to use 3 different kinds of telescopes to look at the sky.
The activity reminded me of the reason why I first chose Astronomy Club as my CCA, it was a wonderful way to commemorate the end of the year 2017.

Journey to the Science Centre

On November 3rd, our Club went on a trip to the Science Centre not too far from SST. There we were able to use the Centre's facilities such as the large telescope on the rooftop to admire the moon.

I felt that the trip taught me many things such as how large telescopes work and the view through one of said telescopes. I look forward to such an event in the year 2018.

T Shirt design

This is the design for our Astronomy Club T-Shirts. I think this is an appropriate design for the club, weaving in the colour of Outer Space and the will to learn, not to mention the club motto.
It made me feel pride in wearing the club uniform.